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Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd, Copyright © GuangDong ICP No. 05013795

Laser marking machines

Fiber laser marking

Standard fiber laser marking machine YLP-H20

Desktop fiber laser marker G20

Desktop fiber laser marker MARS-10J/20J

3D fiber laser marker YLP-MDF-152

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UV laser marking

3W UV laser marker UV-3C

UV laser marker EP-15-THG-S with singal-station rotary worktable

UV laser marker EP-15-THG-D with dual-station

UV laser marker EP-15-THG-F with split-type design

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PCB & IC & Wafer marking

PCB laser marking system HDZ-PCB100

Automatic IC laser marking machine HDZ-SIC200

Automatic wafer marking machine HDZ-WAF600

Picosecond laser marking system EP-IRPS-20

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Flying marking machine

Flying marking machine HANS1500D for plastic caps

Laser marking system HANS600D for flexible packaging

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CO2 laser marking

High power CO2 laser marker CO2-D200

CO2 laser marker CO2-G10

30W CO2 laser marker CO2-D30

120W CO2 laser marker CO2-H120

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