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It is mainly used for laser cutting of metal plates such as stainless steel plates, ordinary carbon steel plates, aluminum plates, nickel plates, etc.; it cannot be used for processing containers of metals and alloys with flammable and explosive materials
Categories Precision cutting
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1. Imported fiber laser generator:
(1)Excellent beam quality, fine spot, fine slit and high cutting precision.
(2)About 30% high photoelectric conversion rate, low energy consumption, no water cooling.
(3)Long lifetime, stable performance, low maintenance and even zero maintenance.
2. Imported cutting head and light path
(1)Imported cutting head, excellent cutting performance, easy disassembly and maintenance.
(2)Equipped with a follow-up system, the cutting head can automatically cut high-quality cuts with uneven workpieces.
(3)Optical fiber transmission laser, good optical path sealing, effectively avoiding laser leakage and causing safety hazards.
(4)Equipped with coaxial red light for easy initial positioning and preview.
3. Position system
(1)With high-precision CCD positioning system.
(2)With positioning automatic compensation function, the positioning accuracy is much higher than the ordinary fixture positioning accuracy.
4. Machine tool:
(1)The cast iron base has good rigidity, high stability and compact structure. 
(2)The Y-axis is driven by a precision double-wire double servo motor, which can operate at high speed and high precision.
(3)Z-axis can quickly and accurately lift the cutting head.
(4)Equipped with a high-pressure coaxial blowing device
(5)Equipped with a fan suction system.
(6)equipped with industrial computer, Windos operation interface, can import and edit various graphics.
(7)The special cutting software developed by Han's Laser, powerful and easy to operate.
No. Item Parameter
1 Laser wavelength 1070nm
2 Laser  power 150W
3 X/Y/Z  axis  travel 500/500/100mm(if with CCD, the cutting area will be reduced)
4 X/Y axis repeated positioning accuracy  ±0.02mm
5 Z axis repeated positioning accuracy  ±0.02mm
6 Equipment Dimensions: L * W * H 1400*1400*2100mm(for reference)
7 Machine weight around 1600kg 
8 Power demand (fluctuation <± 5%) Single phase 220V,50Hz,50A
9 Total machine Power around 5KW
10 Relative humidity <75%
11 Ambient temperature 10℃-30℃
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