PV Glass Laser Drilling Machine
PV Glass Laser Drilling Machine
Brief Description
With the rise of photovoltaic double-glass modules, the demand for drilled back glass is increasing,
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With the rise of photovoltaic double-glass modules, the demand for drilled back glass is increasing, and the drilling quality has become a key process link affecting the production of back glass. In response to the low-cost drilling requirements of thin glass, Han's Photovoltaic Equipment has developed high-precision, high-efficiency precision laser drilling equipment.

Main Features
  • Compatible with mainstream glass specifications (600*1200~1200*2500mm, thickness 1.6-5mm);
  • The equipment includes acceleration section, rotation section, laser drilling section, rotation section and deceleration section;
  • Compatible with long-side feeding (shingled type) and short-side feeding (conventional);
  • The processing cycle is as fast as 6 pieces/min (diameter 12mm, thickness 2mm);
  • Using highly stable laser, the process effect is stable.
Main Parameters
Glass size     Min: 600×1200mm  Max: 1200×2500mm  Thickness: 1.6-5mm
The number of laser cutting heads for a single machine       not less than 3
Machinable maximum hole diameter             30mm
The hole diameter tolerance                        within the range of ±0.2mm
The position of the holes that can be machined    can be punched at any position within the half-width range, middle or tail holes.
Minimum center-to-center distance of machinable holes   When drilling 3 holes at the same time, the minimum center-to-center distance of adjacent holes≥200mm
Machining hole position accuracy           within ±0.3mm
Laser power                                   ≥60W
Hole Appearance Requirements           The size of the chipping edge ≤ 0.3mm, No visible burrs and cracks are allowed, no cracks or bursts after tempering 
No burrs and cracks, no cracks or bursts after tempering
Speed adjustment method S           ervo speed adjustment
Cycle time                     Processing φ12mm hole, 2.5±0.2mm embossing, no less than 5 pieces/min; 2.0±0.2mm, no less than 6 pieces/min
Machine size               17000mm╳3800mm╳2700mm
equipment weight                  4500Kg
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