Brittle Material Industry
Driven by the increasingly vigorous demand of brittle material industry, new manufacturing processes have emerged. Advantage of laser processing brittle materials is laser welding - direct laser welding without any additives; It can realize sealing welding in a wide range, without edge collapse and microcrack, and the welding area can not be seen by visual inspection, which overcomes the process difficulties of optical grade gap requirements. Because of its fragile features, it is very difficult to process micro holes by ordinary laser process. When ultra fast laser is used for micro hole processing, there is no physical contact and no mechanical stress acting on the film, which reduces the occurrence of fragmentation. The ultra fast laser spot is small and the processing precision is high, which can realize the corner radian of < 10um.
In case of marking, the characters can be marked on the surface of curved glass. The marked area is even and clear, there is no obvious trace at the splicing position, the area has no obvious deformation, and the processing size is large. In addition to the beauty, marking can also keep information secret and easy to trace. Ultra fast laser can process the side surface of glass plate to form nearly invisible characters and two-dimensional code effect, and can realize the glass carving of code information, which cannot be seen by the naked eyes.
Adopting the ultra fast laser to depth marking the ceramics, compared with the traditional mechanical processing method, ultra fast laser depth marking has the following advantages: high processing efficiency, only 8 seconds to complete a single character (size 1.5x1.8mm, depth 0.15mm), high processing precision, single laser spot size of 30um, far less than the processing scale of mechanical drill, and the processing character shading is fine and smooth, without obvious stripe pattern.
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