Han's Laser has more than 100 different models in the field of laser marking, and rich product lines, including various models suitable for various marking applications metal and non-metal marking, PCB marking, IC marking, and semiconductor wafer marking.
With continuous R&D investment in the field of laser welding, Han's Laser has independently developed full types of laser sources (YAG, fiber, semiconductor), widely used in hardware welding, jewelry spot welding, mold repair welding, plastic welding, tin
Through our own technological development and external technology absorption, Han's Laser has been highly professional in automation applications and has accumulated rich experience. We can customize project plans according to the specific customer needs.
In recent years, laser inspection has more and more applications in 3C consumer electronics and automotive industries. Based on our deep R&D strength in the laser industry, and rich experience in automation integration, Han's Laser has the strong capacity
Han's Laser has extensive experience in the field of precision cutting and good customer reserve in 3C, automotive, mold and other industries, meanwhile, has established strategic cooperation with the global industrial giant Siemens. Our global service ne
Han's Laser ahs started to design our own core functional components such as DDR motors, linear motors, drivers, machine vision decades ago. This background can ensure good product performance of collaborative robots and quick response to customer deliver
With years experience in the laser and automation fields, Han's Laser started to design and produce industrial 3D printing machines for technological upgrading requirements. Those 3D printers are widely used in medical, educational and aerospace indsutrie
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