MOLD 301
MOLD 301
Brief Description
It is commonly applied to mold manufacturing industries including mobile phone, digital product, automobile and motorbike. And it can do repair welding to following substrates: various mold steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper, precious metal and extr
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1. Laser welding spot diameter is small, heat affected area is small and pore, collapse, thermal strain and metallographic structure change will not occur after welding, greatly decreasing post-welding treatment process.
2. Microscope co-axis observing focusing positioning aiming, liquid crystal light valve and full reflection eye protection devices.
3. Stable operation, the ability to realize continuous working and intermittent working.
4. XYZ high rigid worktable, high repeated positioning precision.
5. It can effectively repair all cracks, chips and damages.
Model  MOLD301 MOLD302
Control mode  Single-chip microcomputer  Single-chip microcomputer
Manipulation device  Industrial control rocker  Industrial control rocker 
XY axes stroke  100mm*100mm (step motor drive) 100mm*100mm (step motor drive)
Z axis lifting effective stroke 500mm (step motor drive) 500mm (step motor drive)
Worktable load  <80kg  <80kg 
Observing system  Microscope (CCD monitor is optional) Microscope (CCD monitor is optional)
Table size  600mm*800mm  600mm*800mm 
Laser wavelength  1064nm  1064nm 
Max. laser output power  300w 300w
Max. laser pulse energy  30J, 60J (optional), 90J (optional)  30J, 60J (optional), 90J (optional)
Min. spot diameter  --- ---
Pulse width  ≤50ms  ≤50ms 
Pulse frequency  ≤200Hz ≤200Hz
Cooling mode  Water cooling  Water cooling 
System power consumption  16.5kW 16.5kW
Power demand  220V/50Hz 3kW 220V/50Hz 3kW
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