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Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd, Copyright © GuangDong ICP No. 05013795

Laser cutting machines

High power cutting

HF Series Laser Cutting Machine 2D Laser Cutting

F Series Laser Cutting Machine 2D Laser Cutting

P Series Laser Tube Cutting

T16/T25 Series Laser Tube Cutting

PLUS 1 Series Laser Tube Cutting

Fiber laser cutting machine MPS-3015D for metal sheets

Fiber laser cutting machine MPS-3015C with interactive platform

Fiber laser cutting machine MPS-3015DT for metal sheets and tubes

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Wafer cutting

UV laser cutting machine HDZ-WUVC100 for wafer products

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Precision cutting

Ultra-Fast Micro-machining Equipment

Precision fiber laser cutting machine PL30-HLR-150

CO2 dual drive laser cutter PD5060-CO2-60-CCD

Precision laser cutting machine PD5050-HLR-150

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Wire stripping machine SP0201-YLP-20 with fiber laser

Wire stripping machine SP0201-CO2-30 with CO2 laser

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