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3D printer SLA600 for metal material printing, with SLA modling process
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3D printer SLA600 for metal material printing, with SLA modling process

Summary information
Affiliate classification
Product description


1. Aeronautics and astronautics: fuselage structure,aircraft accessories, engine parts and control unit.

Material: aluminum alloy, copper alloy, high temperature alloy, stainless steel.

2. Industry area: cylinder block,exhaust pipe,shell,connecting pipe.

Material: titanium alloy, stainless steel,high-speed steel,aluminum alloy,copper alloy.

3. Medical: implants,tooth,prosthetic,medical apparatus and instruments.

Material: titanium alloy,pure titanium,cobalt chromium alloy,aluminum alloy,stainless steel.

4. Education: We believe that the classroom and laboratory should be the place for practical application and hands-on discovery. Universities, education institutions and government agencies are constantly using advanced 3D printing technology as a method to realize the practical application of disciplines such as mathematics, science, mechanical engineering and architecture.

5. Cultural creativity: 3D printing technology give the designers infinite imaginary space and more creative freedom, provide the idea,design and the implementation of the platform, take convenient to designers for quickly implement their own idea and design.It can effectively shorten the entire time between product design and the molding and take the concept design into reality quickly.



Overall size


Molding process


Molding size


Molding precisio


Spot diameter


Molding Material

Photosensitive resin

Layer thickness


Laser type

Semiconductor pump ultraviolet laser

Laser power


Machine weight



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