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Wire stripping machine SP0201-CO2-30 with CO2 laser
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Wire stripping machine SP0201-CO2-30 with CO2 laser

Summary information
1. Imported CO2 30w AIR cooling laser generator.
2. Sealed upper and lower dual light path design.
3. Precise ball screw and linear guide.
4. The worktable is controlled by a multi-axis control system and its movement method and parameters can be visually programmed.
5. Various wire stripping products can be stored.
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Product description


Remove the insulating layer or enamel coat of the wires.

Working principle:

Laser stripping is achieved by applying high power density energy generated by laser focusing. The data signal cables used in general microelectronic products have multiple protective layers on the outside of the cable, which are roughly divided into external plastic insulation layers, metal shielding layers, nylon insulation protection layers and the innermost core. Conventional tools cannot effectively peel off, the quality is difficult to control, the depth of cut is not enough, the peeling is not clean, the depth of cut is too large, the copper core is cut off, and the multilayer wire cannot be peeled off. Laser stripping machine can solve these problems.

CO2 laser can strip the non-metal insulating layer, external Insulation rubber layer and Nylon insulation protection layer.




Machine model:


Laser power:


Laser wavelength:

10.6 um

Cutting wire diameter:

0.1- 2mm

Cutting speed:

Depends on materials, max to 300mm/S

Lens adjustable range:


Cutting process:

Straight line, I-shaped

Max cutting speed:


Position system:

Relay on fixture

Worktable position accuracy:

≤± 0.05mm

Worktable repeated position accuracy:

≤± 0.02mm

Control system:

Multi-axis control system

Cutting area(X×Y):

200mm×100mm (optional) /400mm×200mm

Machine size



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