Fiber Laser Marking Machine YLP-H20


  • Promotion laser marker, high cost performance.
  • Fiber laser ,low consumption, easy for maintain.


  • YLP-H series laser marker can mark all kinds of metal and some non-metal material.

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1 Laser Wavelength 1064nm
2 Laser Power 20W
3 Repeating Frequency 10-200KHz
4 Marking Field 100mm×100mm(F160)
5 Marking Line Width ≥0.05mm
6 Marking Window Upgrade 160mm x 160mm (F254 Lens)
290mm x 290mm (F420 Lens)
7 Min. Character Size 0.3mm
8 Marking Speed ≤7000mm/s
9 Repeat Accuracy ±0.003mm
10 Cooling system Air cooling
11 System Weight Around 155KG
12 Power Supply 220V/Single Phase/50Hz/60Hz/5A
13 Power Consumption of Complete Machine 500W
14 Overall Dimension 760mm×610mm×1494mm