Laser Welding Machine WF300


WF300 has a good beam, fine welding spot, flexible installation ,remote control operation and so on. Applicable to IT components, medical equipment, electronic components, batteries, kitchen utensils, auto parts, precision instruments, hardware, instrumentation, jewelry, glasses, clocks, gifts and other industries.

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  • YAG laser(1064nm) generator adopts ceramic reflector cavity, pumped by two xenon lamp Nd3 +: YAG laser crystal, the maximum laser output power up to 300W, the maximum laser Peak power 2 × 6KW, the mold can be any size wire welding, editable laser pulse shape, high and stable output energy.
  • Fiber optical transfer system, standard fiber 600μm, length 5m (model FSI-600-05, customer can also choose some other model). Default one optical fiber path, and support up to 3 paths of optical fiber transfers(optional) and CCD monitoring(optional).
  • CFCS0401 real-time current feedback control system. According to the customer preset current waveform, combined with current sensor feedback of current, the laser power can achieve closed-loop control, real-time adjust the power supply output current to achieve the programmable current outputs, built-in current warning system. The real-time currency feedback system ensures the stability of the laser power.
  • A number of waveform data sets (50 no.) to control the laser waveform, each setting contains 16 data, each data set pulse time and the percentage of power.
  • Industrial touch-screen interface.
  • PPS700A0401 power supply, using IGBT switching power supply with overcurrent, overload, pulse, temperature and other circuit protection, easy maintenance.
  • Integrated water cool system (inside machine). Real-time temperature detected devices, constant temperature, compact size.
  • Time separate mode and energy split mode

energy split



Model typeWF300
Max. laser output power300W
Peak power6KW
Max. laser pulse power30J/10ms
Max. pulse current350A
Type of laserNd : YAG Φ8mm
Laser wave length1064nm
Num. of Waveform50
Pulse width0.1 ~50ms
Pulse frequency1 ~150Hz
Optical fiber dia.0.4mm or 0.6 mm
Optical fiber group(path)Standard 1,max. extend to 4,support laser energy splitter or time separate
PositioningRed beam indicator
Feedback control modeCFCS0401 current feedback control system
Laser cavityCeramic cavity
Laser pumpingPulse Xenon lamp(2×6KW)
Electricity requirement3-phase 5 wires 380V+10%/50Hz/40A
Cooling mode3P/4P/5P
Power rating12KW(not including the cooling system)