Laser Cleaning Machine System of third generation


  • Mobile small cabinetWith compact body and water cooling, it is convenient to move.
  • Handheld gun: Good for long-time working.
  • Laser generator:IPG laser source (Optional of HANS MOPA laser source if with low power).
  • Biaxial photoelectric scanning system:HAN’S advanced stability and excellent scanning precision.
  • Motion control systemHAN’S motion control card with Cyclotron 8 – track patent technology for better cleaning and higher efficiency.


  • Removal of the paint layer before inspection/maintenance
  • Remove the surface coating before painting
  • Purge weld – to improve the quality/appearance of welding
  • Adhesion/welding surface prefabrication
  • Mould surface cleaning
  • Oxidation layer removal/rust removal
  • Power battery plate de-coating (graphite/cobalt acid lithium)

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