Multi-axis & High-Precision Laser System for PVD Ablation Processing

This product is specially designed for PVD ablation processing in manufacturing new generation smart-phones. It consists of following main modules: sub-nanosecond UV-laser with up to 10W output power, four-axis motion control system, precise 2D scanner, and high-resolution vision system. Alternatively, a 20W MOPA fiber IR laser with variable pulse durations of 2-200ns can be implemented to process golden color PVD layers.

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  • DracoTM series sub-nanosecond UV-laser with up to 10W output power at 100kHz or 20W MOPA fiber IR laser with variable pulse durations
  • Four-axis motion control system with 1.5m/s speed, 1g acceleration, and 2um positioning accuracy
  • Precise 2D scanner with 254mm focusing lens for large processing area
  • 5MP and 29MP high-resolution CCD vision system to ensure 20um overall processing accuracy
  • Auto-calibration & -compensation for laser power and vision positioning for stable & accurate manufacturing
  • Specially developed processing software
  • Processing 12 different specific areas of a phone housing in one station
  • Cost-effective solution and strong delivering capability


ModelUV-Laser SystemIR-Laser System
Laser wavelength355nm1070nm
Laser output power10W20W
Beam quality M2≤1.3≤1.2
Pulse duration<10ns2-200ns
Repetition rate10-200kHz20-500kHz
Processing area150mm*150mm
Focusing lens254mm
CCD vision system5MP or 29MP
Working platformFour axis platform
Platform repeatability±2μm
Power consumption<2.0kW<1.5kW
Power supply220V/single-phase/50Hz
Dimensions1550mm*1130mm*1990mm (L×W×H)