Light up food skills, discover the secret of laser in the kitchen!
Release time:2020.12.03
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Laser welding system of microwave oven inner liner
Laser welding system of kitchen ventilator
 Fiber laser marking machine
CO2 laser marking machine
Stainless steel tap laser welding system
Robot fiber laser cutting machine

During the coronavirus period, many people were awarded the title of "Little kitchen masters of China", lighting up their food skills. Cold noodles, milk tea, cake and
so on emerged endlessly, at the same time they mastered the secrets of kitchen skills.

So did you find out the secret of the laser in the kitchen?



Home appliances

There are many kinds of household appliances in the modern kitchen. These appliances can not only help us make delicious food, but also convenient and fast, those make us enjoy the wonderful life
brought by technology.

Laser welding system of microwave oven inner liner

It is used for welding the inner liner and microwave oven. The robot can be used to stretch into the inner liner to weld it. The welding seam on the inner surface is smooth
and beautiful, and the welding speed isfast. The doublestation layout is customized, and the loading and unloading and welding are carried out at the same time, which significantly
improves the work efficiency.


Laser welding system of kitchen ventilator

High level of automation, no macular on stainless steel products welding surface; integrated laser welding and gas shielded welding two processes, greatly improving the production efficiency.

Cooking utensils

With the concerto of pots and pans and scissors, you can make a big meal. Among them, knife and ceramic tableware are the most eye-catching existence, which can best represent the kitchen utensils.

Fiber laser marking machine

 The products are small in size and small in floor area but they are large in cutting area; equipped with NCS / BBD / leakage inspection module and remote control module, it can effectively meet the
requirements of customers.


CO2 laser marking machine

Integrated equipment, lifting main beam, expandable processing plane, air-cooled machine, can be widely used for graphic marking on handicrafts, food packaging, ceramics and other materials.


Hardware sanitary appliance

Hardware sanitary appliance as the "screw" of our life is the most insignificant existence. Although not impressive, it is very important to show the taste of quality life in details.

Laser welding system for stainless steel faucet

It is mainly used for welding stainless steel faucet and water pipe with intersecting line; double station configuration, continuous laser welding, fast welding
speed and high efficiency.


Robot fiber laser cutting machine

It can cut three-dimensional special-shaped products in the working space; it can complete drilling and repair at one time to reduce cost; it has low noise and long service life span.


With the development of science and technology, we have a more intelligent kitchen, which makes our daily meals more convenient and stimulates more people's kitchen creativity.

Laser technology is a kind of technology that serves people. As one of the bellwether of manufacturing industry,  Han's laser   directly or indirectly accompanies us and creates a better life together

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