Femtosecond Laser Cutting Of Medical Stent
Release time:2020.12.17
Femtosecond laser cutting of medical stent | Han's laser promotes the vigorous

development of medical devices



          Because of the small size, thin structure, high requirements of shape and mechanical properties, laser processing is the best processing method for cardiac stent.

          Most metal scaffolds can be processed by ordinary fiber laser, while biodegradable polymer materials are used in bioabsorbable scaffolds. Due to the problems

such as easy thermal degradation, low light absorption and easy carbonization during melting processing, ordinary fiber laser is difficult to undertake this task. The

femtosecond laser with ultra-high peak power and ultrashort pulse has significant advantages. By adjusting the process parameters, the "cold" processing effect of

smooth cutting edge and no carbonization of degradable materials can be achieved, which can solve the above problems perfectly.


          Medical stent femtosecond laser cutting equipment produced by Han's laser provides the best solution for processing the third generation of biodegradable stent.



          It is used for precision cutting of stent products in medical device industry. It mainly cuts degradable materials such as polylactic acid (PLA) and PLLA, and is

compatible with the precision cutting of 316 stainless steel, nickel titanium alloy, cobalt chromium alloy, magnesium aluminum alloy and other metal materials. 

Equipment features
1. The cutting accuracy is high, the width of cutting seam is small (< 20um), and the consistency of rib width is good (< ± 5um).

2. Strong compatibility, support different wall thickness (< 0.8mm), pipe diameter (0.3mm-7.5mm) cutting, support DXF, PLT and other file formats.

3. Support automatic loading and unloading, automatic clamping feeding processing and other functions.

4. Equipped with visual module, it can monitor the processing process in real time and visualize the processing.





          With its unique advantages, laser processing is more and more applied to the medical industry, which can solve the problems that traditional processing can not

overcome, and help the vigorous development of the medical device industry.

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