How much do you know LDI technology?
Release time:2023.01.13
The full name of LDI is Laser Direct Imaging, that is, laser imaging technology.
The exposure process is used for the transfer of inner graphics, outer graphics and solder mask graphics. With the significant improvement of the process automation and wiring processing efficiency of the whole plant, the efficiency, technology and quality of the traditional film exposure equipment are increasingly unable to meet the requirements, while the full digital production process of the LDI equipment solves the problems faced by the current traditional exposure equipment, and promotes the rapid replacement of the traditional exposure method of the exposure process. Han's CNC department introduces resolution, efficiency Excellent comprehensive solution of quality, including single wavelength and composite wavelength products, can meet the line width and line spacing of 50/50 μm and  resistance welding window φ75μm demand, create the best solution for the inner and outer circuits and the solder mask exposure process.

This equipment is suitable for the dry film exposure of the outer line, and uses DLP technology and optimized lens and optical path design and high-speed motion control to achieve ultra-high efficiency imaging processing, with the efficiency of up to 5 seconds per surface (upper and lower plate plus exposure), and the online processing efficiency easily exceeds 1000PNL/day, which is far ahead of the industry; Independent lens design and high-quality laser light source ensure the stability and uniformity of exposure energy; High precision and high resolution to meet the requirements of fine circuit processing; It can carry the optimized target recognition system; The exposure process is fully digital, and it has entered the industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing.
Develop and promote the idea of replacing traditional film exposure with LDI digital imaging; Promote new changes in the speed and efficiency of domestic exposure process; The market stock and new market share are far ahead in China, and are favored by many domestic leading enterprises such as Shennan, Jingwang, Chongda, Shenghong and so on.

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