Laser welding equipment is making our life better

Release time:2023.01.06
Laser processing equipment is one of the most promising fields of laser application. At present, more than 20 kinds of laser processing technologies have been developed. Laser welding is an important technology in laser processing. The quality of laser processing equipment is directly related to the intelligence and accuracy of the welding system. An excellent welding system will inevitably produce perfect welding products.
Laser welding system is generally composed of laser, optical system, laser processing machine, process parameter detection system, shielding gas transmission system, control and detection system. Laser is the core of laser welding system.
Laser welding has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, high strength and timeliness, ensuring the quality, output and delivery date. At present, laser welding has become a highly competitive processing method in precision processing industry, and is widely used in spot welding, lap welding and seal welding of workpieces with special requirements in machinery, electronics, batteries, aviation, instrumentation and other industries.

Laser welding requires that the laser should have a higher rated output power, a wider power adjustment range, and the ability to slowly increase or decrease the power, so as to ensure the quality of the starting and ending parts of the weld, stable and reliable operation, and the transverse mode should be low order mode or basic mode. Lasers available for welding include CO2 lasers, YAG lasers, LD pumped solid-state lasers, fiber lasers and semiconductor lasers. High power semiconductor lasers have become mature, and the commercial laser power has reached several thousand watts. The invention has the advantages of uniform beam energy distribution, arbitrarily adjustable spot shape, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, compact structure, light weight, small volume, and convenient field application. The disadvantages are the general beam quality and high divergence.
China's laser welding is at the world's advanced level. It has the technology and ability to use laser to form complex titanium alloy components of more than 12 square meters, and has invested in prototype and product manufacturing of many domestic aviation research projects.
At present, laser welding technology has been widely used in high-precision manufacturing fields such as automobiles, ships, aircraft, high-speed rail, etc. It has greatly improved people's life quality and led the home appliance industry to enter the era of Seiko. Especially after the 42m seamless welding technology created by the public has greatly improved the integrity and stability of the car body, Haier Group, a leading household appliance enterprise, solemnly launched the first washing machine produced with laser seamless welding technology. Through this technology, people cherish and attach more importance to science and technology. Advanced laser technology can bring great changes to people's lives.

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