What is the difference between flying laser marking and static laser marking?
Release time:2023.01.19
With the development of laser marking technology, it continues to penetrate into various industries. The logo, company name, model, patent number, production date, batch number, model, barcode, QR code marking has been widely recognized in the laser field. Through the continuous development of this marking mode, online flying marking has also become a standard industrial process, marking on various types of cables, packages, pipes, beverages and other materials.
So what is the difference between flying laser marking machine and static laser marking machine?
Online flying laser marking is a marking form relative to static laser marking. As the name implies, it is a form of surface laser coding for products flowing at a constant speed one by one when the products are in motion next to the production line. In short, flying laser marking means placing the products on the conveyor belt to follow the assembly line, cooperating with industrial automation, allowing them to pass through the laser machine and then automatically induction marking, It does not need manual loading, which is a manifestation of automation. The static laser marking is a semi-automatic marking mode, which is used for manual loading and unloading, placing the workpiece on the marking table, and then manually blanking after marking by the laser machine.

Flying laser marking is a kind of laser marking equipment with high speed, industrial automation, high integration, no need to add additional posts, reduce staff costs, increase marking efficiency, and improve work progress; The online flying laser marking machine has strong text layout and graphics processing functions. The online flying laser marking machine can automatically generate batch number and serial number. The plug-in intelligent control interface can be flexibly connected with various automation devices and sensors. The software functions can be flexibly modified according to specific conditions.


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