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Release time:2024.05.30

Light of Innovation:
Han's Laser, a publicly traded company, is a brilliant name in the laser industry. As the number one laser solution provider in the Asia-Pacific region and ranked second globally, we achieved a sales revenue of $1.94 billion USD in 2023. Our commitment to innovation, stability, and longevity sets us apart, providing unmatched standards in the market.
The Strategic Choice:
In the realm of marking and coding, our UV laser marking machines, available up to 20W, significantly outperform the market standard of 10W. Our trendy UV laser solution boasts unique self developed features, such as compact air cooling within the marking unit, eliminating the need for chillers and saving significant costs and space. Have you seen any supplier providing a UV laser coder without a chiller? Similarly, our fiber lasers reach up to 200W, and CO2 lasers up to 300W designed to serve sectors from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals and consumer goods, our solutions ensure top-notch performance. Our products are renowned for their durability, requiring minimal maintenance and ensuring maximum uptime. With core components like lasers, galvanometers, and control cards independently developed, we guarantee superior quality and reliability.

Excessive Pre-Project Questioning?
When collaborating with Han's Laser, we ensure every detail is addressed to provide the perfect solution. We consider substrate material to identify the best laser type for your specific printing surface. Our lasers are optimized for both intermittent and continuous production modes, accommodating various speeds and distances to seamlessly integrate into your production line. We ensure our solutions perform excellently with accuracy under varying temperatures, humidity, and protection needs. We also meet exact requirements for special characters and logos, including variable data and software integration.

Sustainable Development:
Han's Laser is committed to sustainable development, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 9, 12, and 13:

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (UNSDG 9):
We continuously invest more than 10% of our annual revenue in research      

and development, driving innovation in laser technology to enhance industria
l processes and infrastructure, fostering sustainable industrial growth.
Responsible Consumption and Production (UNSDG 12): Our laser marking solutions eliminate the need for consumables like inks and solvents, significantly reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly production practices.
Climate Action (UNSDG 13): By reducing energy consumption and emissions associated with traditional printing methods, our lasers contribute to climate action efforts, supporting a lower carbon footprint and sustainable manufacturing processes.
Proven Success with Industry Leaders:
Our extensive global reach and local presence ensure smooth operations and exceptional support. Embraced by leading industry giants in Food and Beverage, Medicine and Chemical, Consumer goods and many more. By eliminating ink printers and replaced with our lasers, Colgate alone has saved millions since 2016, while Nestle's adoption of our laser technology since 2014 has redefined their packaging processes, even using pico-second laser. These are just a few examples of the tangible benefits our solutions offer, driving productivity and sustainability across diverse sectors.
Join the Future of Marking:
Experience the future of laser marking with Han's Laser. Contact us today to explore how our innovative solutions can transform your packaging and marking processes, driving growth and sustainability for your business.
Written by,
Shuvo Ahammed,
Overseas KA Manager,
Han's Laser R&D Center, Beihuan Blvd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518057, China.

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