The advantages of laser cutting over water cutting

Release time:2024.05.23

Laser speed has advantages
The speed of water cutting is slower than the laser cutting, especially in mass production, where speed becomes a serious limiting factor.
Advantages of cutting accuracy
In terms of cutting accuracy, laser is superior. Good laser cutting equipment has a very flat and smooth cutting surface without oxidation marks. Although water cutting has high accuracy, there is still a certain gap compared to laser precision to the micrometer level.
Resource issues
In some areas with scarce water resources, the cost and limitations of water cutting will be magnified, and the water quality is not easy to filter, which may cause equipment damage, while lasers do not have resource related issues.
Advantages in consumables
Laser belongs to non-contact processing and does not require frequent replacement of consumables. The mixing tube, gemstone nozzle, and sand particles of the water jet are all consumable accessories that will gradually wear out during work and need to be replaced after a period of time. Therefore, the consumption of consumables in production and daily life is also an important part in terms of cost.

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