Micro LED massive transfer device is being verified
Release time:2022.04.15
Han's laser said when answering questions on the investor interaction platform that the company's self-developed micro LED massive transfer equipment is in the process of verification, but the final delivery has not been completed.
New technology on ED track
What is the micro LED massive transfer device?

Micro LED massive transfer equipment is the equipment that completely transfers large-scale small pixels to the substrate of a good driving circuit, and it is necessary to ensure that the transfer process does not damage the chip.
As the name suggests, the chip of micro LED is very small, and the size of traditional LED chip is ≥ 200 μ m. The size of the first-class Mini LED chip is 50-200 μ m. The chip size of micro LED can be < 50 μ m. In other words, under the same area, the number of micro LED packages is the largest. It is generally believed in the industry that there is still a bottleneck in micro LED massive transfer technology, but Han's laser has taken the lead in achieving a key breakthrough in the research and development of massive transfer equipment.
Previously, Han's laser display and semiconductor official micro reported that the first domestic mass production micro LED massive transfer equipment independently developed and produced by Han's laser has been stationed in CHENXIAN optoelectronics. This equipment can not only ensure that the chip will not be damaged in the process of massive transfer, but also ensure that the micro LED transfer landing point is accurate and the position accuracy reaches ± 1um; The transfer efficiency can reach 2kk / h-100kk / h.
This is undoubtedly a major breakthrough in China's domestic laser equipment. Once the micro LED massive transfer technology reaches the mature stage, China's LED display technology will achieve a qualitative leap.
Han’s laser will do more in the LED plate. At present, there is a strong demand for mini LED. Han's laser has a considerable sales volume in mini LED cutting, splitting, stripping, repair and other equipment, and LED special equipment has begun to increase significantly.
On the premise of comprehensive business layout, the future sustainability of Han's laser is worth looking forward to.

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