Laser processing and application of stainless steel cabinet
Release time:2021.09.03
Laser processing and application of stainless steel cabinet


In recent years, the application of laser technology has penetrated into all walks of life, and the articles in daily home life are also closely related to

laser. For example, our three meals a day must use the stove and cabinet in the kitchen, which is closely connected with the laser.

Laser technology can play an important role in the manufacture of stainless steel cabinets. In recent years, many enterprises engaged in the

production of stoves and sinks have adopted laser cutting and welding equipment, and businesses that make the overall customization of stainless

steel cabinets have also begun to adopt laser cutting and welding.

The cutting processing of cabinet is mainly the cutting of stainless steel plate and pipe, and its thickness is often in the range of 0.5mm to 1.5mm,

which can be easily solved for kW laser cutting equipment. Laser cutting also eliminates the burr problem of saw blade cutting, and can be formed

at one time. And the parts are cut out very accurately to reduce secondary processing or waste. In addition to the efficiency several times higher

than the traditional cutting, the most important advantage of laser cutting is that it can be adjusted intelligently and flexibly. Cabinet products are

often customized according to the customer's kitchen. Then the laser equipment can easily obtain various plates and pipe parts by inputting

corresponding parameters. The precision of laser cutting is higher, which makes the edges, corners and door seams of the cabinet more accurate

and beautiful.

In the welding and assembly of stainless steel cabinet, laser can gradually replace the traditional arc welding. Moreover, due to the customization

and diversification of cabinet parts, it is not suitable for automatic laser welding. It is most suitable to use handheld laser welding equipment.

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