Similarities and differences between laser pipe cutting and traditional pipe processing
Release time:2021.08.06
Similarities and differences between laser pipe cutting and traditional pipe processing

In the post epidemic era, with the general trend of intelligent manufacturing and the rapid development of laser industry, laser technology and laser

products are becoming more and more mature. Laser processing subverts the traditional processing methods and helps enterprises transform and

upgrade and accelerate intelligent manufacturing. The traditional pipe processing method has many steps, such as sawing, milling, punching and

drilling. Compared with laser pipe cutting, laser pipe cutting only needs one equipment and one operator, which greatly improves efficiency,

reduces cost and forms competitive differentiation.

Laser pipe cutting is widely used in all walks of life, constantly innovating and breaking through the pipe splicing process, which can realize

riveting, circular pipe intersection line, square pipe bending and lapping, groove cutting and lapping, etc.


1. Riveting

It can realize the riveting of round pipe and round pipe, square pipe and square pipe, square pipe and round pipe, etc.

2. Intersecting line of circular pipe
The intersecting line cutting of circular pipes is mostly used for pipe cutting in electric vehicles, bicycles and other industries.

3. Square tube bending and lapping
The square tube can be programmed to cut V and R-shaped openings. After bending, it can realize small joint and direct welding in the next process. It is mostly used in the furniture industry.

4. Groove cutting and lapping
The groove cutting head can realize ± 45 degree swing cutting, and the splicing is tight to ensure the subsequent welding accuracy.

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