Elfin-P Series
Elfin-P Series
Brief Description
Elfin-P series is a lightweight 6-axis cooperative robot which can be applied to automatically integrated production line, assembling, picking, welding, grinding, painting , dispensing testing and other fields, Higher precision and stronger protection ens
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Higher protection level
The design of protection level for IP66-dustproof and waterproof ensures its free application in the harsh and complicated environment of oil pollution and humidity

Faster response speed
EtherCAT bus communication is used between the controller and each joint, which can realize the real-time control of 1000Hz refresh frequency and achieve the industrial leading trajectory precision control.

Stronger anti-jamming
Stronger electromagnetic compatibility, in the strong electromagnetic interference environment, can still operate normally

High precision
The repeatability can reach ± 02mm, and will not lose with the abrasion of reducer.
Model P03 P05 P05-L P10 P10-L
Weight 18KG 24KG 25KG 42KG 45.5KG
Payload 4KG 6KG 4KG 12KG 8KG
Arm reach 590mm 800mm 950mm 1000mm 1300mm
Joint speed( Max) J1-J4 180°/S
J5-J6 200°/S
J1-J4 180°/S
J5-J6 200°/S
J1-J4 180°/S
J5-J6 200°/S
J1-J2 120°/S
J3-J4 135°/S
J5-J6 180°/S
J1-J2 100°/S
J3-J4 135°/S
J5-J6 180°/S
Joint range ±360°
Tool speed( Max) 2m/s
Repeatability ±0.02mm ±0.03mm ±0.05mm ±0.1mm
End I/O port digital input:3  digital output:3  analog input: 2
Communication TCP/IP  Modbus
I/O source 24V 2A
Power input 200-240V AC 50-60Hz
Power 100W in typical application 180W in typical application 350W in typical application
Electric box I/O port digital input:16  digital output:16  analog input: 2 analog output: 2
Working temperature 0-50
IP Level IP54/IP66
Main material Aluminum alloy
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