Exclusive customized laser marking, good luck in the year of the ox
Release time:2021.02.26
The small new year is usually regarded as the beginning of the Spring Festival, which means that people begin to

prepare new year's goods, sweep away dust, sacrifice stoves and so on, and prepare for a clean new year


With the development of science and technology, laser technology is gradually applied to our daily necessities from the field of industrial manufacturing, and in the Spring Festival necessary new year goods, also can be seen everywhere.

he Spring Festival couplets and red envelopes
hong baocarved by laser, exquisite and elegant, strong sense of hierarchy and unique temperament.

Laser marking gifts can be customized, carved name or logo, send festival blessings.


★★★★★ CO2 laser marking machine ★★★★★★

CO2 laser marking machine can carve metal and non-metal materials, the incision is smooth, and the figure can be of any shape. It has the

 characteristics of high processing accuracy, high degree of automation and fast processing speed.

Lucky year of the ox with laser carving

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