The application of precision laser welding machine in automotive air conditioning pipelines

Release time:2024.04.30
As an important component of automotive air conditioning systems, the manufacturing process of automotive air conditioning pipelines is complex and requires high technological requirements. Welding, as a part of the manufacturing process, which is related to the safety of the entire vehicle and the stability of its long-term use. The traditional welding process for automotive air conditioning pipelines usually uses brazing. At present, natural gas is generally used as the heat source for brazing, and its energy consumption is very high. Some air conditioning pipeline manufacturers have to choose new welding processes to replace brazing in order to meet the stringent standards of carbon reduction and carbon neutrality in European and American countries, in order to meet the requirements of energy conservation, emission reduction, and green environmental protection.
Laser welding, as a new, energy-saving and environmentally friendly technology, is increasingly being applied in the manufacturing of automotive parts and components.

Finished products of some models of air conditioning pipelines.

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