Three consecutive awards! Han’s Laser has once again been recognized as a national level "manufacturing excellent enterprise"
Release time:2024.04.19
Three consecutive awards in the manufacturing industry
Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology released the "Announcement on the List of the Eighth Batch of Manufacturing Industry Single Award Enterprises and the Second Batch of Fifth Batch of Manufacturing Industry Single Award Enterprises that Passed Review (Shenzhen City)". Han's Laser once again passed the review, and the fiber laser cutting machine tool was selected as a national level "Manufacturing Industry Single Award Enterprise" announcement list. This is the third consecutive time (2018-2020, 2021-2023, 2024-2026) that  Laser has been recognized as the excellent (product) in the manufacturing industry.
The second and fifth batches of manufacturing industry single award enterprises have been reviewed and approved for public announcement.

Manufacturing single award
The single award certification in the manufacturing industry is a special action launched by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to guide manufacturing enterprises to focus on innovation and quality improvement, enhance China's international competitiveness in the manufacturing industry, and promote China's overall industry to move towards the high-end of the global value chain. The National Manufacturing Single award is hailed as the jewel on the crown of the manufacturing industry, the commanding high point in segmented fields, and also a manifestation of China's core competitiveness in the manufacturing industry.

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