Application of Laser Technology in Building Materials
Release time:2022.12.09
Building materials need a lot of processing, so what applications can laser technology have in building materials?
At present, hydraulic shear or grinder is mainly used for deformed steel bars and iron bars for building foundation or framework, and laser is mainly used for pipes, doors and windows.

Laser processing of metal pipes
The pipes on building materials are used for water pipes, gas/natural gas pipes, sewage pipes, fence pipes, etc. The metal pipes include galvanized steel pipes and stainless steel pipes. With the expectation of people on the strength and beauty of pipe materials in the construction industry, the requirements for pipe cutting have also been improved. General pipes are usually 10 meters or even 20 meters long when they are originally formed and delivered from the factory. After they are put down to all walks of life, due to different application scenarios, they need to be processed into parts of different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different industries.
Laser pipe cutting technology has entered the pipe industry rapidly, which is very suitable for cutting all kinds of metal pipes. It has the characteristics of high automation, high efficiency and high yield. The thickness of metal tubes for building materials is generally less than 3mm, 1000 watts laser power is sufficient for cutting, and high speed cutting can be achieved with power above 3000 watt. In the past, it took about 20 seconds for grinding wheel cutting machine to cut a section of stainless steel pipe, while laser cutting only took 2 seconds, which greatly improved the efficiency. Therefore, in the past four or five years, laser pipe cutting equipment has replaced many traditional mechanical knife cutting.

Door and window application
As the production cost of doors and windows increases year by year, people also put forward higher requirements for the processing efficiency and quality of door and window products.
A large amount of stainless steel is used for doors and windows, anti-theft nets, railings, etc., mainly steel plates and round cans with a thickness of less than 2mm. High quality cutting, hollowing, and pattern cutting of stainless steel plates and round cans can be achieved through laser technology at the cutting end. Nowadays, hand-held laser welding is very convenient. It can realize seamless welding of metal parts of doors and windows. There will no longer be gaps of spot welding process, making the overall performance of doors and windows better and more beautiful.
The annual consumption of doors and windows, anti-theft net and guardrail is very large, and small and medium laser power can be used to achieve cutting and welding. However, most of these products are customized according to the size of the house, and are undertaken by small door and window installation stores or decoration companies. At present, the most traditional grinding wheel cutting, arc welding, flame welding, etc. are still used in the mainstream. There is a lot of room for laser processing to replace the traditional process.

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