Laser operation and maintenance: how to change antifreeze in summer?
Release time:2022.05.27
The weather is getting hot recently
What maintenance measures should be taken for the laser equipment?
Many experienced industry partners may know that the antifreeze should be replaced in time
However, there are still many questions:
Can I replace it with water? What are the replacement steps?
Temperature conditions for replacing antifreeze: the local temperature is higher than 0
Procedure for replacing antifreeze:
1. Drain the antifreeze inside the water cooler and laser completely.
2. Clean the water tank of the water cooler and the laser pipeline twice with clean water, and drain the water.
3. Clean the filter screen and filter element of the water cooler (some water coolers have them, and consult the equipment manufacturer for details) and the filter screen at the water inlet of the laser (some models of lasers do not have them, and consult our after-sales service engineer for confirmation), and install them. If the filter screen and filter element are damaged, replace them with new parts.
4. Add a certain amount of distilled water or deionized water to the water cooler.

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