Failure analysis of uneven marking effect of laser marking machine
Release time:2022.05.12
Laser equipment is like people. With the improvement of service time and the damage of parts, all kinds of problems will occur in the equipment. Laser numerical control engraving machine is one of them. It is likely to remain the unevenness of the bottom end.

The uneven marking effect of laser marking machine is one of the common problems, which is mainly manifested in the significant bulge at the bottom during cleaning and the significant uneven marking effect at the horizontal and vertical joints during Yin carving; During Yang carving, there is a significant raised vertical line between the words with and without words. The heavier the marking, the more obvious the phenomenon is.
The reasons for the uneven marking effect are as follows:
1. The light output of laser switching power supply is unstable.
2. The production and processing speed is too fast, and the response time of the laser tube cannot keep up.
3. The optical path is deviated or the focal length is wrong, resulting in transmitted light and uneven bottom end.
4. The selection of focusing lens is unscientific. Short focal length lens should be selected as far as possible to improve the light quality.
The solution for cleaning the marking effect without leveling is as follows:
1. Remove and replace the laser switching power supply for detection.
2. Reduce the production and processing speed.
3. Check the optical path to ensure that the path is appropriate.
4. Short focal length lens shall be used, and the focal length adjustment shall take into account the depth of production and processing.

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