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Laser technology has been applied in packaging industry. For example: two-dimensional code marked on the carton cigarette or box cigarette for sales management, anti-fake code marked on medical bags and production date marked on PET bottle etc.


1) Permanent, high quality marks;

2) High efficiency and low operation cost;

3) Good accessibility, even to irregular surface;


Bottled water Can Paper package Paper package
Can Beer bottle Drink bottle Pet bottle

Equipped with General Assembly Line

The following diagram shows how laser engraving/marking machine used in beverage industry


Recommend model

Model Hans36K-T Hans58K Hans20Y
Application PET bottle Bottle water cap Can
Marking content 16 characters 16 characters 13 characters
Marking time / item Around 70ms Around 80ms Around 30ms
Max. marking speed 60 m/min 30 m/min 100 m/min
Max. Output / hour 36000 bottle/hour 5000 bottle/hour 4000 bottle/hour