Spot laser welding machine W100G


  •  Jewellery patch welding
  • Sand hole spot welding
  • Seam repairing and prong/claw setting welding.
  • False tooth repair welding
  • Welding micro precision parts such as cell nickel strip, integrated circuit lead, clock hairspring, kinescope, electronic gun assembling, etc.

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  • Pass CE and FDA Certification.
  • Compact design. Laser generator & cooling system inside the machine.
  • Supply with convenient control function for users with touch screen interface and rocker operation.
  • Detachable design of working space, users can weld bulky item, welding range can be expanded.


Laser type YAG
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Maximum laser output power 120W
Maximum laser peak power 9KW
Maximum laser impulse power 80J/20ms
Pulse width 0.1~20ms
Impulse frequency 0.1~20Hz
Impulse frequency 0.3~2.0mm
Welding  depth 0.05mm-3mm
Waveform quantity 60group
Present location way Microscope  coaxial  observation system
Power demand 220V/60Hz/20A
Power  consumption 4KW
Cooling mode Integrated water cycle and forced cooling   (no compressor and freon )
Machine weight 225Kg
Outer dimensions 1075×550×1240(mm)