Fiber laser cutting machine for metal sheet

Machine bed has Gantry structure, rigidity and long term stability.

1.Professional digital control system developed by Han’s

2.Servo motor, double drive precision reducer, pinion and rack, to ensure the equipment running smoothly.

3.High quality fiber laser generator, over 30 percent of photoelectric transformation efficiency, high quality laser light source mode, to ensure the best cutting performance and high processing efficiency.

4.Power range from 700W to 2000W.

  1. Stainless steel 1-6mm, carbon steel 1-14mm,aluminium 5mm, brass 4mm ect.
  2. Single working station or dual working station with 1500*3000mm, 20000*4000mm


Processing area3000mm×1500mm
X、Y axis location speed±0.05mm/m
X、Y axis repeat location speed±0.03mm
Max running speed100m/min
Max running acceleration1.0G
Max load of worktable800kg
Machine tool weight4.0T

Main Configuration

Control system1 setHan’s MP customized
Fiber chiller1 setHan’s
Fiber cutting head1 pieceHan’s MP customized
Servo motor&driver4 setsJapan Yaskawa