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Han's Laser won the 'LMN 2019 Chinese Laser Industry Contribution Award'


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Han's Laser won the 'LMN 2019 Chinese Laser Industry Contribution Award'

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On the evening of May 8th, 2019, the 'LMN 2019 Chinese Laser Industry Contribution Award' awarding ceremony was held in Shenzhen, which attracted a large number of enterprises in laser industry. 

On the evening of May 8th, 2019, the 'LMN 2019 Chinese Laser Industry Contribution Award' awarding ceremony was held in Shenzhen, which attracted a large number of enterprises in laser industry. The organizers also organized an authoritative expert group of 17 laser industrial experts, led by Fan Dianyuan, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering. After the online voting and expert reviewing and a rounds of selection, the experts group selected the final winning quality company. Han's Laser's FULL SCREEN LASER AUTOMATIC PROFILE CUTTING MACHINE won this year's laser processing system innovation contribution award.

At present, the consumer electronic devices represented by smart phones are showing increasing trend, and the application of brittle materials is becoming more and more widespread. Among them, the full screen mobile phones are the most typical application undoubtedly. Due to the special feature of easy-to heat and fragility, the full screen processing not only created enormous potential opportunity to laser industry, but also brought many large challenges to laser processing technology. The “full screen” is just a relatively broad definition of the ultra-high screen ratio mobile phone design in the mobile phone industry. In fact, the screen cannot be 100%, we just try our best to increase the ratio of screen as much as possible.

(Hans Laser’s awarded machine: the full-screen laser automatic cutting machine)
To overcome the difficulty of “right-angle cutting” in present market, the full-screen laser automatic profile cutting machine of Hans Laser adopts C-angle or R-angle cutting solution on the screen, so that the edge of the screen can be close to the mobile’s mainboard as much as possible, and this solution can protect the screen from breaking when the mobile phone dropped accidently.
Advantage of this equipment:
1. High processing precision, small heat-affected area, no chipping and residue on the processing edge.
2. The whole machine is equipped with ultra-fast laser generator developed by Hans Laser, with stable laser output, optical marble platform, high-speed and high-precision linear motor and vacuum system.
3. The system is equipped with automatic loading and unloading mechanism, automatic splinter system, simultaneous processing of two channels, and has automatic parallel alignment function by using side-shaft dual cameras. It can cut any shape, with fast processing speed and high yield.
4. Non-contact processing technique with high-processing speed, and no need of consumables.
(Cutting samples by the awarded machine)
This award encouraged Han's Laser’s technology again. Han's Laser will always bear the mission of being national laser industry leadership in mind. In the future, Hans Laser will continue to increase R&D investment, improve the core technology development, and lead the industry's technological innovation in different fields. To realize "Chinese Dream", Han's keeps moving!